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Outlaw XC 29

FFWD Outlaw cross Country hjul med DT Swiss nav.


NOK 19900,-

The new FFWD OUTLAW Cross Country wheels will make you go faster!

The full carbon tubeless rim enables you to ride with low tire pressures and therefore keep maximum control over your bike. The asymmetric spoke setup and three cross pattern offer furthermore a great mix of stiffness and responsiveness.
DT Swiss 240

All FFWD wheel sets, including the new OUTLAW, are built with DT Swiss hubs. The DT240 hubs have a closed bearing sealing that offers many kilometers of service free riding.
Cross Country use

Cross Country wheels are mostly used by MTB riders that choose a suspension system with 80 to 120mm of travel. The focus is on racing and climbing is more important so therefore also the wish for a low weight!
All options are available depending on your bike specs. Go for 29 or 27,5 inch and standard or boost hub width.

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