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Bike Ahead The Riser

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BIKE AHEAD COMPOSITES Lenker THE riser Carbon MTB 3K-Optik 31,8 mm | 8,5° 760 mm

NOK 2399,-

Everything under control - handlebars from BIKE AHEAD COMPOSITES! With a brilliant carbon surface, they embody the art of craftsmanship at the highest level and allow the driver and the bike to become one. From the flow-shaping design to the use of the NSA technology, every detail follows the high demands of BIKE AHEADs on their products - here, functionality meets lightweight construction. With its sweeping and uncompromising geometry, THE riser is the perfect choice for anyone looking to control and comfort in a tougher terrain.

NSA technology
In order to reduce the clamping forces to a minimum while drastically reducing the notch effect, Bike Ahead Composites has developed the NSA technology (NoSlipApplication). A rubber layer is laminated in the area of ??the clamping. This has not only the advantage that the torques can be reduced to a minimum. Knack- and creaking noises are a thing of the past.


Technical specifications:

intended use : Trail, All Mountain, Cross Country, Marathon, Tour
Material: Carbon
Handlebar clamp: 31.8 mm
Handlebar width: 740 mm | 760 mm 800 mm
Rise: 15 mm
Backsweep: 8,5 °
Upsweep: 5 °
Can be shortened: yes up to 740 mm
Barend compatible: no
Finish: 3K carbon - silky gloss
Driver weight: max. 95 kg (driver + baggage)
Color logo: 3D-shaped in handle color

Weight: 129g - 740mm | 141g - 760mm | 159g - 800mm (manufacturers specifications)


Bike Ahead The Flatbar

Bike Ahead The Flatbar

NOK 2299,-